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Masonry Structures, Behavior and Design, 3rd Edit. (TMS-1409-08)

Masonry Structures, Behavior and Design, 3rd Edit.

The most widely used masonry textbook, Masonry Structures, Behavior and Design, by Dr. Robert Drysdale and Dr. Ahmad Hamid has been completely updated and is currently available from The Masonry Society (TMS). The long awaited update to this popular textbook includes much of the discussion that made previous editions so useful in both the classroom and in the workplace, but it has also been revised to discuss new research findings and to reflect the design provisions in the 2005 MSJC Building Code and Specification for Masonry Structures. The third edition incorporates some special modifications and features including: Design methodology and examples utilize new codes and standards and additional examples have been included in each chapter. References and background have been updated to include recent progress in the understanding of material properties, assemblage behavior, and component design. Coverage of strength design is increased including new example designs for all components and the two building desings. Seismic design requirements and practices are described in detail. Coverage of prestressed masonry is expanded and design examples are included. Glass unit masonry, deep beams, mortarless interlocking masonry, and other topics are also addressed. This textbook is ideal for undergraduate and graduate level courses and it is an exceptional reference for practicing designers. A table of contents and some sample material from the third edition will be posted after July 8th on this website.

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